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terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Money falls from the Sky

Money falls from the Sky

This is a deep truth very easy to be understood.
When it is understood by someone, the prosperity turns to be automatic.
Money is a matter of conscience. When we have the conscience of prosperity, it comes without the need of making efforts.
What do you think? What do you feel?
Here is the whole or the whole problem.
In what do you believe? In scarceness or in richness?
Most of people believe in scarceness. Otherwise, they wouldn´t be in this situation. More than one billion of people live with less than one dollar a day. What is their world vision?
In what paradigm (belief system) they believe?
When we understand that mind creates our reality (the wave function´s collapse), we start to create the prosperity we want.
To solve this it is necessary to understand that we are a whole: conscience and unconsciousness. Mental and emotional.
When we have a trauma, a mental or emotional programming, against progress, richness, evolution and happiness, we have a serious problem. This program is always activated when we are about to reach this growth boundary.
It can be a certain salary value, a property, a happiness situation, anything that is going on that offers us some growth. So the program makes us loose everything, whether it is a job, an income, or any possibility of growth.
We start it all over again… is this a familiar situation to you?
Every time you are about to achieve a good situation, you loose everything and you have to start it all again?
By releasing the mind and emotions from these negative programming, everything can be solved.
What we think we create. If you want a proof, experiment something negative on yourself. Think about something bad and see what happens.
To create the positive and the negative, it is necessary the same energy. Why do we always create the negative? Because of the vision the person has about life.
What is your choice? To be happy or unhappy? To prosper or not?
Everything is a choice. It is your free will.
What you think is real, is actually real. Believe it or not. Understand it or not.
The universe is ruled by laws. The universe is pure energy. Every energy can be polarized in a negative or positive way. Every energy is information. This information can be changed. Conscience is energy. Conscience is information. Every information can be transfered. We can adapt our conscience the way we wish. When we understand this, we have our lives in our hands. When we don´t understand, our lives are in the hands of others.

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